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"Yet we never regarded this project as a purely instrumental challenge. Our intention, instead, is to show how the language of musical composition itself has undergone profound change on the basis of certain instrumental modifications. The distance covered is immense: from Beethoven’s Horn Sonata, still entirely immersed in the style of the late 18th century, passing through Robert Schumann’s Romantic attitude and leading to Giselher Klebe’s Alteration of Beethoven’s so-called Moonlight Sonata, thereby creating a technically challenging work with perspectives that mirror a multitude of tendencies. It is no coincidence that our programme, in so doing, returns to Beethoven, albeit experienced in a very different way: in Klebe’s work, innovative, revolutionary elements of composition and instrumental technique are directly noticeable.. . " (Přemysl Vojta und Tobias Koch, Juli 2017)

A new recital CD of Přemysl Vojta!

Supraphon has a new recording with the Horn Brahms trio!
…Přemysl Vojta is a Guest of a Smetana trio…